Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Fun!

Since we don't have much of a winter per se, we take what we can get! For Christmas, Kristin and her boyfriend brought an ice chest of snow! It was so fun for the kids. They loved it! And when it was gone, they were soo sad.

We mostly let the kids play, but Papa, Mikelle's dad, had to defend himself since Brooklyn kept throwing snowballs at him! She thought it was so funny.

And of course, Logan couldn't miss all the fun. The boys teamed up against Kristin and Grandma. What's Christmas without a good snowball fight, even in Phoenix!!

Luckily there was also a little snow when we went to Christmas for New Years.

The kids had lots of fun making snow angels. That's about all the snow there was though. Jacskon wanted to go sledding, but maybe next year.

And since he couldn't go sledding,Grandma helped him with the next best thing, a snowman! It is a mini snowman, but Jackson loved it all the same.

Poor little Valley kids were freezing, but they still couldn't get enough!

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