Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here are just a few fun pictures we took. Aunt Kristin decided Jackson wasn't cool enough, so he needed a hat to wear backwards. A hat that is 3 sizes too big. At least it is a Red Sox hat, although you can't tell from the picture. He does look pretty cool though! And here he is with some of his new friends from Prescott. He doesn't look so big now! Mikelle is doing much better with her back, and it looks like she will be home to stay after Labor Day! She still has a ways to go to get back to pre-broken back, but at least she can take care of herself and Jackson and can continue to heal at home.

Jackson is sitting up all by himself. He is so proud of himself. He also loves to stand but of course can only do it when on of us helps him. He's not pulling himself up yet, or walking, but he finally started to roll over last Monday the 11th! The doctor said since he is so chunky it would take him longer than other kids, but finally he did it!

Jackson has passed the 6 month mark, and is almost to 7, but who's counting! Here are a few shots from his 6 month photo shoot. His Aunt Kristin decided it would be cute to put a big 6 on him for the occasion. It was a great idea, look how cute he looks, until he started drooling! Then the washable marker might have gotten all over Jackson and Kristin! It was worth it though. At his 6 month visit, he was 18 lbs. 12 1/4 oz and 28 inches. That puts him in the 74% for weight and 93% for height. Not a small boy!

So we are playing catch-up on blogging, but at least we are consistent! Jackson is using a high chair! He still has some problems with sitting straight and not falling over, but it is funny to watch. He has mostly gotten over not eating solids, and loves the fruits and veggies. We just started some meat, and boy does he hate those!