Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break-Prescott

We had two weeks off for Spring Break, which was great since Bobby is working in Chicago during the week, so Mikelle and the kids went up to Prescott. They got a few days with Barry's family, and a few days with just Trenton, Kira and Tessa. It was nice for the kids to have playmates, but not the chaos of a whole other family.
We had lots of activities to do, and lots of great food. Grandma made these super yummy chicken burritos, which Brooklyn loved. Loves all food, especially if it comes off of someone else's plate. Stole mommy's burrito and ate most of it! She loves guacamole, eats it plain. Totally takes after her mommy. 
While in Prescott, we got some snow, not enough to matter, but Jackson loved it for a minute then wanted to go inside. We were bummed when it snowed hard core just days after we left. Almost made a trip back just for the day!

Jackson couldn't get enough of the ATV's. Papa just let them ride and ride, but when it was time to get off, Jackson couldn't handle it. Poor boy was running low on sleep for 2 weeks, being spoiled by grandma and papa, and just couldn't take being told no. Biggest fit ever, but at least it wasn't in public! 

We had so much fun at the zoo. It's small, but the animals are so close and there are fun toys to play on. The kids especially loved the insect house, once Tessa was assured all the bugs where in their cages!

We got to watch them feed the bear. It was awesome. He especially loved this ball covered in peanut butter and fruit. Just licked away at it. Look how close we were!

Resting after all the walking around the zoo.

Strutting her stuff for the onlookers, the animals were getting too much attention! Tia bought this dress for Brooklyn, and she loves it! Swishes when she walks, too cute!! Everyone told her so. She was flirting with a little boy and everything.  She may actually be a girly-girl! We are so not prepared for this!

Grandma saw these St. Patrick's Day outfits, and had to have them. The dress was to die for, and Jackson liked the shirt which is so him, so you can't go wrong! Brooklyn added the socks and shoes, but at least the shoes match her hair bow! (And no, we didn't let her out like this)! 


Jackson and Brooklyn love to ride in the bike trailer. Brooklyn loves her helmet, which is opposite of what we thought would happen, but I guess if you start them young...The problem with it is that it is already getting too hot to be outside for too long, so the kids are sad when it is a short ride.

Brooklyn is still putting everything in her mouth, but  at least this is close to food! 

We are working on her bubble blowing, but mostly the wand goes in the mouth. She understands she is supposed to blow, but not that you leave it out of the mouth to blow! 

Our handsome 4 year old. Tries to be a big boy, but still loves his baths, and he mostly plays nice with his sister while in the tub.

Brooklyn loves water in general. We are excited to start swimming again, but we think Jackson is still afraid of the water. It may be a long two weeks of swimming lessons.

Jackson has taken on the bigger bike though. He really didn't want to let go of his big wheels, but is now so excited about his Mater bike. We think the training wheels will stay on for awhile though, he still leans a lot to the left. Brooklyn is hoping we let her ride a bike soon. Always trying to get onto the big wheels, but she's still a little short!