Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jackson was so excited to see Santa, or maybe that was us! Jackson was actually good for about 30 seconds then he freaked out. At least we got a semi-decent picture! We are so excited for Jackson's First Christmas. On a side note, Jared and Suzy had their little one, Van Jared, yesterday the 15th. He was just over 6 lbs. and has lots of hair. Jared says he is tall and skinny. We were all shocked! All is well with mom and baby. Hopefully they will post pictures in a few days.

Here are some random photos of Jackson on a motorcycle. We went to the Tempe Historical Museum on Saturday and they had a real old police bike you could sit on. He liked the bike, but not so much the helmet. He told him he couldn't get a bike without the helmet, so he pitched a fit. Maybe next year for Christmas he can get a bike if he changes his tune!