Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jackson turned 3 months this past Thursday, the 24th. So here are two of the most recent pictures of him. He is just growing like a weed. He is trying to catch up to his cousin Tessa, but he has a long way to go! His cheeks are still as big as ever. That is the first thing everyone comments when they see him for the first time!

This picture is just fun. Jackson always does these funny poses that remind us of superheroes. I guess that's what happens when his daddy is obsessed!

Saturday the 12th, Barry and his family came over to swim. It was Jackson's first time in the pool. He seemed to enjoy it, once he woke-up. Plus, it was later in the day, so it was a bit chilly once he got out of the pool. We may try it again today and see how he likes it. He loves baths, so we are thinking we will spend a lot of time in the pool this summer! Doesn't Tessa look adorable in her bikini!! She is such a chunk, but soo cute. Kira and Trenton are still working on their swimming techniques, so it's fun to watch them learning.

This is Bobby's doing, of course! Apparently it takes this many superheroes to hold Jackson down. He is quite strong!

Jackson is getting to be a great smiler. Usually in the mornings when he wakes up he will just talk and smile until he decides he's hungry. He has also found his fist. He loves to suck/chew on his left fist. Bobby is hoping that means he will be left handed like him!
Here Jackson is exercising with Grandma. He likes to ride a bike and touch his toes to his face. He also likes to stretch and grow. He is getting so big. He's over 14 lbs. now! He only gets up once a night, then helps us start the day around 7. He is getting to be a good sleeper. He loves to nap in his swing, and occasionally he'll sleep on the futon with Frodo, Mikelle's cat back in Prescott.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Here is Jackson and his Grandpa Halterman. They are good buds. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Grandma and Aunt Kristin go to class, so Grandpa takes care of Jackson. Jackson likes to save his dirty diapers for Grandpa. Almost every night Grandpa has him, Jackson has a dirty diaper. We think it's hilarious, Grandpa, not so much! Also, one night Grandpa was telling him the story of the three bears, and each time Jackson started to fuss at the part where Goldilocks eat the baby bears cereal. It's almost like he knows that would be his cereal! But honestly, we are so thankful for his sacrifice. Everyone has been so great to us while Mikelle is trying to get better. We want to thank everyone, especially Grandpa and Grandma who carry the brunt of it all.
Here is our handsome man! He loves hoods for some reason. Luckily he and Mikelle have been in Prescott where it is still chilly enough to wear them. He is starting to get so fun to play with, when he's not sleeping! Mikelle is still nursing her back and may be in for surgery to help speed up the process, but we are still deciding what will be best. We'll keep you updated though! And we have lots more to post, so hopefully this weekend we can get caught up.