Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here Jackson is with Aunt Kristin. She loves to zerbert his tummy, and you can tell by his face, he loves it. Kristin is living back at home in Prescott and going to school. We also have to thank her for helping out with Jackson. She loves to play with him and hates it when he is sleeping when she comes home from school. Thankfully she restrains herself, and waits till he gets up!

Jackson turned 2 months Monday. Here are his pictures. We are going to the doctor tomorrow so we will upload his new stats in a day or two. Last week he weighed about 11 lbs. 12 oz. so we are thinking he is about 12 lbs. He is getting so big. He has outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothes, so we are moving through the outfits pretty fast. He still has his fat little cheeks and is starting to get rolls all over now! He is trying to catch up to his cousin Tessa. He has a long way to go though!!

Jackson is just starting to smile regularly. Here is one of the cutest pictures we got of his new trick. He is also getting a personality, and has the funniest faces. We're not sure what this face says, but it is great all the same. Bobby likes this pictures because it looks like Jackson is flashing gang signs. At least we are teaching him young!

Here is Jackson's cousin, Tessa and Aunt Kendra. She is 3 months older than Jackson, but looks about 6 months older. She is off the charts in weight and height. She is adorable, especially with the mo hawk! Kendra has been helping us out too. She was in Prescott for their spring break, and then again over Easter. She has also helped Mikelle get to various appointments in Phoenix and lugged Jackson and Tessa around. She has a new appreciation for only having one baby at a time!

Here is Jackson being bathed by his grandma Halterman. He loves baths. Grandma bathes him every night before bed and it helps him settle down and sleep longer. We are so thankful for Mikelle's parents. They are taking care of her and Jackson. They have been doing it for the past three weeks, and will keep doing it till Mikelle is better. Bobby visits on the weekends to give Grandma a little break!

Here is Jackson in his first snow storm! We were in Prescott the weekend before Easter, and they got a fair amount of snow. Of course it didn't stay around too long, but it was fun to take Jackson out in it for a minute. He didn't seem to like it too much, but in time he will come to love it!

Here is Jackson in his blessing suit. He is so cute. We don't have any pictures of the whole fam, so we will have to beg those from family and post them later and out of sequence. At least we posted something!

Jackson was blessed the first week in March, and we were lucky to have Bobby's dad, sister Brittany, mom and step-dad fly in to play for a bit. We went to the Phoenix Zoo Saturday with most of Mikelle's family and had lots of fun. Here is Brittany with Jackson, then Bobby with his dad, Brittany and niece Kira. It was Jackson's first big outing, and he did really well.
So, we know we have been slacking on posts, but that is because Mikelle has been in Prescott staying with her parents while her back heals. For those of you who don't know, Mikelle has three fractures on two of her vertebrae and can't take care of herself, let alone Jackson. We have no idea how they happened, or why, but so far we know she has osteoporosis of the spine. She is seeing a specialist in April, so hopefully we can figure out what is going on!