Thursday, April 22, 2010

So we have been huge slackers, but we don't have a ton to report on. These pictures are from Easter weekend. Amber came to play!! We had lots of fun, and even got to watch most of Conference thanks to Jackson deciding he likes to give and get mani's and pedi's. Bobby hated it, but the girls all thought it was cute. Since then, Kristin has moved in with us while she gets her feet under her in a new job at a dental office. Jury is still out on how she likes it. And the most exciting thing to happen lately, wait for it, the police came to our house today because our neighbors called in that we were being robbed. Luckily we weren't, it was just a general contractor trying to fix some electrical problems we have been having. Needless to say, the cop in our backyard freaked Mikelle out, but it is good to know our nosy neighbors are watching out for us!!! We do lead one exciting life!!