Monday, August 30, 2010

As summer is finally winding down, although not fast enough in AZ, Mikelle was able to go on a girls weekend with some old roommates, Elise, Emily and Shannon. They went to Bear Lake in Utah and had a great time. Mostly they sat around and talked, but they also went down to the lake where Mikelle got sunburned, went to a super fun play, and also went to the Davis County Fair. It was a great trip, although there was not enough sleeping! Bobby took a few days off work to watch Jackson, and they had lots of fun too playing while the boss was away!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a quick update. All is going well with Mikelle's pregnancy. She is 26 weeks now and finally starting to feel better! The doctor is planning on a c-section to take the strain off her back from labor. So far her bones are holding up and the doctor isn't worried. And of course Brooklyn is growing fast and doing just fine! There's not a whole lot else going on. Bobby's dad came for a few days last week, and Jackson still wants to know where Papa Glas went. It's too cute. We had a lot of fun while he was here and hopefully will see him again for Labor Day.