Saturday, October 4, 2008

We were all able to go to Prescott for Labor Day. It was a nice break from the heat. Plus we got to celebrate our nephew's birthday. Trenton turned 4, crazy. Time has flown by, especially for Mikelle who kind of lost a few months there with her back. She is doing well though, just continuing to work on strengthening he back. Aren't we so cute!!

This picture if from a high school football game Jackson got to go to. The same weekend Mikelle was in Prescott, her old high school played their rivals, so they went to the game. Jackson was great, although he didn't watch much of the game. We did find out he likes Mountain Dew though! No, we really didn't give him any, he just enjoyed chewing on the can and holding it. Maybe because it was so cold and something new to play with.
Okay, here is the teeth picture we promised. You may wonder what is all over his face. It's Indian Fry bread. We know, not the best for best for babies, but he enjoyed it! When Mikelle was back in Prescott for a few days, they took Jackson to the County Fair. He had the best time, and was so good. As long as we are doing something, he tends to be quite good. The second picture is of Jackson's first hay ride. He loved the ride and even more loved the animals he got to see at the end of the ride.