Wednesday, August 8, 2012

San Diego

This year it was decided we needed to have a Halterman family trip. We decided San Diego was the perfect place to do it, and we had so much fun! Mikelle's mom and dad did all the work. They found a great beach house to rent where everyone, but them and Kristin stayed. 17 people in one house was a lot, but it worked out great. Mostly we were out and about, but occasionally we needed a little time to relax. The kids loved watching a movie one afternoon, just all curled up on the couch together.

There was a great backyard with grass and a toy room with awesome toys. When we were home, mostly the kids played outside. Here Alec is catching Brooklyn at the bottom of the slide. Such a gentlemen!

And who wouldn't love this teeter totter? Even Aunt Suzi waited in like for a turn!

Brooklyn found the dress-up clothes, and once that happened, it was hard to keep her in her clothes! But, can you blame her, look at how cute she is!

We went just a few days after Mikelle's birthday, so we were able to celebrate it with everyone. The pinata was a huge success. All the grandkids got to hit it with two different bats, but they didn't do too much damage.
Jackson did the most amount of damage. We are so proud, and signing him up for T-ball in the Fall!

Mikelle got to come in at the end and finish it off.

Then Kristin had ordered a cake from Little Italy, which was to die for! A blood orange ricatta, yum.

Poor Papa always gets stuck with the tough job or reading bedtime stories. Too bad none of the grankids enjoy it!

Of course we didn't miss the beach. The kids had a blast, cold water and all.

Brooklyn's favorite part was destroying Mikelle's sand castle.

And Jackson couldn't be left out!

We took a day and went to Sea World. It was so much fun. Everyone but Amber (who is pregnant) enjoyed the rides.

The animals were all a hit, but we were lucky enough to come across the workers moving some flamingos, and got to stand right next to them. That was especially cool because all Jackson wanted to see was flamingos!

We caught lots of shows, Jackson especially loved Elmo in 3D.

Legoland was our last stop, and it was so fun! Brooklyn was a little too young. She wasn't able to ride many rides, but there were a lot of areas for younger kids to play, so she and Mikelle would play while Bobby and Jackson rode rides.

Jackson saw this game at Sea World, but was too short to do it, but not at Legoland. He was so bummed when he didn't win a prize, but he got so close, even the worker was surprised.

And the boys posing with Boba Fet, who's name Jackson can pronounce with no problem, but can't pronounce yellow! You can see what we spend out time teaching him! Legos have become a big thing in our house, but who likes them more, Jackson or Bobby!

Swimming Lessons

Jackson is so thankful swimming lessons are done! He is really a good little swimmer, but he is afraid of putting his face in the water and jumping off the side of the pool. He is getting better, but now that we are swimming less, it may start all over again next year.

Look how cute he is in his goggles! At least this year he is keeping them on, and seeing the value in wearing them.

He also was scared of the dive, but Miss Erin in great, and very patient.

Brooklyn took lessons too, but Mikelle was in the pool with her, so there are no pictures. She is a natural waterbaby though, and likes to wear the goggles, even out of the pool! She did love the time Jackson was in class though, because she got to play on the toys. And she is fearless!

he also loves the swings. Would probably swing all day if we let her.