Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We were able to go to Texas for Bobby's brother's wedding. We were complete slackers and didn't take any pictures, except this one of Jackson and Brooklyn watching TV with his cousins. They are too cute! We had a blast in Texas though. Hopefully we will get more pictures from the responsible ones! It was cool though, it was the first time our kids met their cousins on Bobby's side, but they were great together. And Ryan kept asking if he could come visit us. Maybe one day we won't live so far apart!

Prescott Fun

The end of June we all went to Prescott to celebrate Mikelle'S dad's birthday and do Father's Day with him. We went out to Goldwater Lake for breakfast and a hike. Our kids love to be with their cousins.

For Father's Day, we made these Captain America shirts. They were so fun to make, and we look good in them!

Jackson couldn't wait to wear his. Aren't they so cute!

This girl always needs action, so it's great when Bobby's home to relieve Mikelle!

And, Brooklyn is in the water. She did good for the first half of the morning, because there was food, but once she was full, she made a beeline to the water, and there was no stopping her.

She loves her Papa.

Jackson and Bobby flying kites at Taylor Hicks. He has a turtle kite, and always wants to fly it. This weekend was perfect for kite flying.

Brooklyn, found the water, again. Jackson and Trenton were having a water fight, and she felt left out! Once the hose was turned on though, she was fine!

She is such a great helper!

The fight was a little unfair, so Mikelle and Grandma helped a bit!

Her favorite new activity, naked driving! What's a girl to do when she'd all wet and has places to go?!

Swimming at Grammies house, Susie's mom. Van and Ward are in town for a little before we all head to San Diego, so of course we just had to go back up to the cool air!

Brooklyn loved the floaty toys, and wanted all of them. She is such a hoarder. One day in the toddler pool, she slipped, and was drowning because she wouldn't put her toys down to use her hands to stand up! This is bad, but it was kind of funny!

It was the weekend there was soo much rain, so we only got to swim for a little, but Jackson showed off his moves all the same. He is getting really good at swimming, just learning to listen and he can't always have his way!

Summer Fun

While trying to stay cool, but also busy we painted with water outside. The kids loved it, but the water dried too fast. And of course Jackson had to have his squirt gun! Such a boy.

And by the end, Brooklyn had dumped the containers out on herself and she was soaked. Girl loves to play with and in water.

For Father's Day, the kids painted rocks and we make a rock family for Bobby. The kids loed it. They collected the rocks, and painted them all by themselves. Brooklyn mostly painted her fingers and face, but it was fun for a few minutes!

Jackson painted forever. He had to do a bunch of colors on each rock, and all in a very specific order. Bobby loved it and it was super cute!

One day when we had Bobby home, we took the kids to Jambo Park in Mesa. The kids loved it. It's a little indoor amusement park, and perfect for Jackson's age. Brooklyn liked it too, but the rides were a little old for her.

And of course, Bobby threw a fit when it was time to leave!