Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life around here has been mostly boring lately. Bobby has been working about 65 hours a week, so Jackson and Mikelle just play around the house. Last week though Mikelle and Jackson went to Prescott to see her parents. They had a lot of fun, especially since there was snow to play in! Barry and his family also went to Prescott for a few days, and we were able to find a great place to sled and have a snowball fight. Jackson loved sledding, it was just hard for Mikelle to lug him back up the hill with her, since he didn't like to walk on the snow. Uncle Barry and Grandpa helped too. Tessa only went a few times, then decided she did not like it. Overall, Jackson loved his first sledding experience, but got tired early on so he just had a rest with Grandma, then was back again. He doesn't seem to mind the cold. The weather was perfect, Mikelle even got a little sunburn! The snow was deep, and we kept finding "rabbit holes" where we would sink into the snow, up to our waist even.