Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brooklyn hits 15 months!

Our princess is also getting too big for her own good. At her 15 month check up, she was  only 15 pounds, 75%, so slowing down a bit, and 32 inches, 90%. Bobby hopes she keeps growing and gets his height. Here she has a hot dog she stole from Alec. We are learning not to leave food where she can see or reach it, because it will disappear!

Poor girl though is just like her mom. When she is tired, she gets slap happy. It is so funny because she will just walk around laughing. She is teething, so a little grumpy currently, but still mostly a happy baby. This picture was taken while playing with mom. Mom would close the sliding glass door while Brooklyn was outside and Mom was inside, and when she would open it again, Brooklyn would get this supper surprised/happy look. It was hilarious, and she played it for a good 10 minutes. Oh the joys of childhood.


This picture gets its very own post. Look carefully and see if you recognize this man, and if you do, what is different?  That's right! Mikelle's dad shaved off his mustache!! Mikelle's parents got called to work in the temple, so naturally, the facial hair had to go.  It is taking some getting used to, since he has had it as long as his kids can remember, but we like it and they are loving the temple calling. Oh, and speaking of callings, our family just got a lot busier. Bobby got called to Ward Clerk today, and Mikelle got called to second counselor in the primary. Big changes are coming our way!! 

Jackson's 4!!

So, our little boy isn't so little anymore. He turned 4 January 24th. We're not sure we like 4, he is more whiny and doesn't like to follow directions, but we are trying to work on it! At his 4 year well check,  he was 36 lbs., 50% and 40.5 inches, 50%.  So, growing steadily. This is the first year we did a friend party, and we think it went well. There are a few things we would have changed, like we never sang happy birthday and we didn't get a good group picture. There was just too much going on, and it was forgotten. But the kids were good and seemed entertained, and the decorations were great!! Mikelle made this banner with the help of her mom and Kristin. 
Mickey was the theme, and Jackson was so excited for his Mickey party. Mickey Mouse even called him on his actual birthday. It was so cute to see how excited Jackson was. We are hopping to take the kids to Disney Land this summer to make it even more special. And we are planning a Minnie party for Brooklyn one of these years, so we can use a lot of the stuff over again!!

We were able to find fun Mickey Mouse bowls for the food and a fun frame with a picture of Jackson wearing Kristin's Mickey ears. We tried to keep it simple, so we just frosted cupcakes and put Oreos on top that looked like Mickey heads. Papa Halterman did a great job!! Mikelle's parents and Kristin were able to come help with the party, and we were so thankful!

For the main course, you can't go wrong with pizza. We had a lot of different ideas about  how to make the pizzas, but in the interest of time we decided to keep it easy and just make Mickey heads out of pepperoni, and deal with square heads not circle. 

The party started with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we waited for all to arrive. Then the kids colored  Mickey pictures, we had a scavenger hunt where the kids found Mickey ears, Mickey shaped Rice Krispies Treats and Mickey cups. Then we had lunch, played outside, ate cupcakes, opened presents, then destroyed the toy room!

Brooklyn couldn't miss one minute. We tried to get her to nap while we were setting up, but no luck! That girl knows what she wants, and usually gets it! Kristin came all dresses up! We can always count on her to liven things up a bit!!

Tessa also came dressed up. How cute is she?! These two are the best of friends. They always want to get together and play, and thankfully they have had lots of play time while Aunt Kendra watches Jackson and Brooklyn while Mikelle does some more physical therapy. Thanks Aunt Kendra!! You're the best.

And of course, we had to try and get a shot of Brooklyn with ears too. She wasn't too thrilled to be wearing them, but at least it's a decent shot. Jackson is already planning for his party next year, monsters!!