Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brooklyn at 7 Months!

Here is our little princess at 7 months. She is growing too fast. She is around 21 lbs. and is now crawling! She loves to swim and play with Jackson. She is so happy and loves to smile. She is getting her 1st tooth and already using it on anything she can get into her mouth!

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day weekend we went camping in Williams, AZ with Grandma and Papa Halterman and Aunt Kristin. We had a great time riding the A.T.V.'s, hiking and just being together. It was much colder and windier than expected, but we still had a great time.

Brooklyn decided she likes banana peels, although I think it would have been okay if we never discovered that! She did great while we were there, but it helped to stay in the trailer with Grandma and Papa to escape the cold and wind!

We bought Jackson a baseball glove and T to start practicing his mad skills. He loved it. He still hasn't decided if he's a lefty or not, but Bobby got him a lefty glove to help him decide! He had a lot of fun, and Papa and Bobby played with him a lot.