Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After the zoo, and naps we went to Barry and Kendra's house to party! We had a Cars birthday, since our little one can't get enough of "Queen" and "Mate". (He is turning into such a little talker!) He loved it, and even kept his party hat in for a few minutes! We went really simple this year, just family, presents and of course food!! We didn't do a cake, just a rice krispy treat car, which Jackson tried and loved! It was fun, and he even opened his presents! Finally he is getting the hang of it.He was just full of surprises. I guess he is just getting so mature! The one downside was that he wasn't feeling great, and got worse on Sunday, his actual birthday. Bummer to be sick on your b-day, but he seems to be feeling better tonight, at least Mikelle is hoping!

Well, We officially have a two year old! It is crazy, and the time went by too fast. For his birthday, we started off with a trip to the zoo. Mikelle's parents and Kristin came, plus we brought Barry and Kendra's kids. It was a great day to go, even a little chilly! Jackson wasn't feeling his best, and fell asleep on the way there, so he and Grandpa missed most of the animals, but Jackson got the best part, tractors to climb on and goats to pet! We had a lot of fun, and got to see most of the animals!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The last two weeks, Kristin has been staying with us. We have been playing hard, but also working hard. This week Mikelle and her spent time trying to get projects done around our house, but also Barry and Kendra's. Jackson has loved all the extra attention, and Mikelle has loved the extra help.

We have finally started utilizing the Phoenix Public Library more, and have started using Culture Passes, which are free passes to museums, zoos and other fun things to do around Phoenix. We got lucky the last few weeks and got a few coveted ones. We were able to go to the Children's Museum of Phoenix, and we had so much fun. Of course Jackson loved the cars, but the big kids made it hard for him to play. Although, he could paint rocks with water, go through a noodle forest and ride the bikes all day. There is so much to do, and all hands on. Anyone that has kids will love it!

We just have to say how much fun it is to live a mile from Barry and Kendra. Jackson loves to play with his cousins, especially Tessa. Whenever we tell him we are going to see Tessa, he says, "Yea, Tessa!" and runs to the door. They like to hug, hold hands, and kiss sometimes, it is soo cute. They do fight occasionally over toys, but usually they just have fun.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Okay, last post to catch-up on the Holidays. Jackson found one of Aunt Kristin's cowboy hats the last day we were there, and he wouldn't take it off. It was soo cute, especially since he really hates hats. He just kept running around with it on, and it would fall off, so then he just put it right back on. It was hard to get a good shot, but finally we got a few when he stool still!!

Lets see who kills me first! Amber and her new husband got these awesome underwear for all the boys, men, for Christmas! They were all Superhero themed, and we all thought it was hilarious, although Jared was a little confused when we opened them! So, of course we had to get pictures. It was awesome to have them doing Christmas breakfast dishes in their new underwear!! Sean fits right into our family!

We were hoping Jackson would be all excited this year and get into opening presents, but not so much. He even got cool toys, like a bike and a big truck, but what Van got was better. Van opened the very first present, little toy Thomas the Trains, and that's all Jackson wanted. We had to open all his gifts for him, and he didn't even give most of them a second look. He stole Van's trains and that was the end of Christmas for him. We could have saved lots of money by just getting him some toy trains! Maybe his birthday will be different in a few weeks! Although, after the novelty wore off, he is now playing with his other toys, but the trains are never far away!

We are finally back with a report from the Holidays. We had a great Christmas and New Year. We were able to go to Prescott for Christmas where Jackson loved to play with his cousin Van. He kept wanting him to sit on the couch with him, or the ATV, but when Van wanted his toy, he was not so willing to share. Although, Van was so nice to share his toys with Jackson!! Van is 11 months younger than Jackson, but almost as tall. He is so cute and Jackson is sad he had to leave.