Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The following pictures are from the PF Chang's Marathon Bobby ran this past weekend. He did awesome. Mikelle, Jackson and Aunt Amber came to watch and cheer him on. There were some funny people running it. One had a beer can attached to his hat so it looked as if he was running after it. Also, there was a guy dressed as "Joe Dirt". Super funny. You'll see in the pictures there was also a guy carrying a flag, sweet. Bobby did this marathon with kidney stones, not fun, but he's a champ. There was also a little blood as you'll see in the pictures, but he's doing better now!

This picture just makes us laugh out loud.  Jackson is getting up and down stair really well. His face here  is great. He makes it look like he's working so hard. It would be easier if he let go of the pen, but he loves pens. It's all fun and games till someone's eye gets pokes out! Jackson isalso technically walking, but still needs a lot of help. He will be one on Saturday, crazy!

Here is Jackson decked- out and ready to go outside. Grandma Halterman got him his SpiderMan hat and mittens for Christmas. He didn't really like them at first, but Mikelle and Aunt Kristin made him keep them on. He was going for a walk with Grandma, and it was cold outside. They came home from the walk with little cold noses and hands, so in the end he was okay with wearing them. It was really funny though watching him try and get the hat off with the mittens on. We are terrible!

We just love random pictures! Mikelle and Jackson went up to Prescott to help out her parents. In doing so, they took the plant out of this pot to clean it, and of course had to see how Jackson liked it!! As you can tell, he likes it, but he also thinks his mom and Grandma are crazy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just two more random pictures. The first is at Thanksgiving. Him and dad were just waiting to eat and chilin'. It is such a great picture of Jackson just lying around relaxing. And second, him walking and smiling was at Cafe Rio where we had Suzy's baby shower. He had a blast, as you can see. We just love his smile and how happy he is all the time.

This is just a funny picture. Mikelle was at IKEA with her mom and sister, Kristin, when they found these great hats. Of course pictures had to be taken. Jackson loves his, as you can tell!
These pictures are a little old, but we just got them off of Grandma Halterman's camera. We have a picture of Bobby's favorite outfit of Jackson's and one of Mikelle's favorite. Can you tell who's is who's?!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

These pictures show it all. Jackson is ALL boy. We were at Barry and Kendra's house for New Year's Eve and the first things Jackson found were swords and a lightsaber. Not only did he play with them all night, but he also decided he needed to chew on them. His Aunt Kendra said he was cutting his teeth on a sword! We though it was great, so of course had to take pictures to show everyone.

Jackson loved Christmas, but mostly because there were new toys and lots of people around to play with him. We were in Prescott with Mikelle's family, and we had a great time. Jackson Didn't quite get the whole present opening thing, so we all helped him a little. He did like the paper and ribbons off the boxes though. He also liked to put them in his mouth and chew them apart. He's just like a little puppy, although maybe a little less destructive!

Here are Jackson's 11 month pictures. They were really hard to get since he didn't want to sit still, but we got a few good ones. He turned 11 months on Christmas Eve and is getting big. He can now crawl up and down stairs, but sometimes he likes to sit on the stair and try and turn around, then he falls, so we still keep a close eye on him. He is so close to walking on his own. He can take a few steps without falling, but really loves when you hold his hands and walk with him. He tired everyone out at Christmas by walking them around the house!