Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So, this video is old, but we finally downloaded our videos and it was too cute not to share. Jackson loves to play with hid dad, and one day we found that he thought it was hilarious for Bobby to spit a little ball out of his mouth. Jackson has such a cute laugh!

Jackson loves to dance, but it is so hard to get him on film because he stops when he sees you filming. But here is a little taste of his moves! He is dancing to the Madagascar song, "I Like To Move It, Move It!"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The other night Mikelle found Jackson having lots of fun in our pantry. We normally keep the door locked, but obviously slacked off a bit. It was cute as he would put stuff back into the pantry, then pull it out again. We let him have fun until he started to crush our food! Oh the fun or terrible two's. How come no one tells you it starts way before they are two?!! Although, we only have four months left till he is actually two, sad. He is growing too fast.

As summer is slowly winding down here in AZ, we are trying to catch a few more times at the splash pads around here. Last Saturday we took Tessa and Kira with us, and had lots of fun. Although, Kira kept saying she was cold! Jackson loves to take cups and try to catch the water. Usually he just gets a face full of water, but it is fun to see him try. Maybe next year he'll like the buckets dumping water on him!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, more pictures from the house. We have finished Jackson's room, minus some shelves for the closet. Mikelle's mom did the drapes and the wall hanging. They turned out soo cute. She also bought the giraffe run for the floor. It blends in more than we thought it would, so Mikelle said it would be easy to solve with new carpet! The light, or the sun, makes it perfect. We love his room, and now we can say one room is done in the new house!!

Over Labor Day weekend we had quite the rain storm that Saturday. It was great, and Jackson just loved playing in it. Of course Tessa wanted to play too. It was so fun to watch them, the only down side was it was Trenton's 5th birthday party, but Kendra just had to switch gears a bit, and it worked out fine. The pirate party, a success!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Also while Mikelle and Jackson were in Prescott they went to spend the afternoon with Suzy and Van at Suzy's parent's house. They have a pool and a trampoline, so they had lots of fun. Kristin and her boyfriend JJ Campbell came along too, and Jackson had a blast. Jackson liked the slide into the pool, as long as Grandma held on up top, and JJ caught him at the bottom, before he went under! Once he went under, and then he was done until he forgot the trauma, but then he went back down! JJ and Kristin had fun dunking each other, and lets be honest really JJ did most of the dunking. Van had fun, he even got a snack in the pool! What we do to keep babies happy. He is seriously so cute! Jackson loved to "swim" in circles, and he is getting really good at jumping on the trampoline. We just love Aunts that give mommy a break! Thanks Kristin.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aunt Kristin just can't keep her hands of Jackson and his hair. While he looks too cute, can you tell what he's thinking? Kristin would so be dead if looks could kill! Jackson gets that from his mommy.

Well, there is going to be another gardener in the family. Jackson just loves to be in Grandpa Halterman's garden. His favorite plants are the raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes. All good choices! He loves to help pick them, but they never make it into the bowl. He will even eat ones that aren't quite ripe, and those that are too ripe. You can see he is already developing his watering techniques, too bad the bench doesn't need to be watered! At least he is entertained for a time with a watering can and water, that's really what matters.

So, Suzy and Van came to play in Prescott for about two weeks, so of course Mikelle and Jackson had to go and play too! Here is our cute little cousin. He has such big blue eyes, his hair is turning red, I'm afraid so!! And he is just so tall. He takes a minute to adjust to new settings, but once there, he does okay. He loved playing with Grandpa Halterman, but wasn't too sure about Trenton all up in his face. We did get one cute shot of him with Trenton though. Too cute. Trenton is just too sweet.