Friday, April 22, 2011

We are finally potty trained over here! It has taken a little while, but Mikelle has been in no shape to take on that task. In the end though, it worked out as Jackson has done awesome. 

The first day of training, Jackson insisted that Brooklyn wear underwear too. She looks good in Thomas The Train!

Up in Prescott Jackson has been Papa's good helper, mostly in the garden, but you never know with those two.

Jackson and Brooklyn have loved being in Prescott. Mikelle is hoping to be back in Phoenix for good after Mother's Day. She is doing a few days this next week in Phoenix as a trial run, and if it goes well she will be back in May. She is still having a lot of pain, but less, so that is good and she is getting stronger every day.

Brooklyn will be 6 months May 2nd. She is so big, and mostly sitting up on her own. She doesn't like strangers, or being in a room alone and we're not sure how she will react to losing grandma's attention 24/7. Hopefully for Mikelle's sake, she'll be fine!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

While it is becoming summer in Phoenix, we have been trying to take advantage of the cool mornings. Kristin came to help take care of the kids while Mom is camping, so it was great to have her at the park. Jax has been shying away from slides lately, so Kristin helped him see how fun they can be! Really she's just a big kid at heart and the kids love that!!

Jax is getting more adventurous and loves to climb. We were impressed with all he did at the park. 

Brooklyn slept through the park, but loved playing in our ball pit once we got home.  She is doing so well, and is such a cutie.
Mikelle is getting stronger too, and we are hoping to be back in Phoenix for good at Easter time!


Since we moved to AZ we keep saying we need to go to the Renaissance Festival, but never go. This year Kristin was insistent, so we made it happen, and had such a great time. Bobby had never been, and Mikelle hasn't been in about 15 years. Things have really changed with actual buildings, a stadium and tons more people! Jax loved every minute of it, and tried a few things we didn't think he'd go for. He loved the stocks, but maybe because it was his idea!

This boat ride was fun for Jax. This sweet lady and her boy were going, and offered to take him. He loved it, and it was man powered like all the rides there. 

Kristin of course found the swords and was a bad example to her nephew!!(Not that Bobby wasn't rooting for Jax to play with the swords)! 
We had to get a sword and shield for him to play with. As of yet, nothing has been broken, but just wait! They are wood swords, and heavy.
Jax also got an ax painted on his arm. This surprised us since normally he won't have anything to do with stuff being put on his body, like temporary tattoos or even stickers. He loved it though. He walked around all day with his arm out so not to smudge it! We couldn't convince him it would be safe by his body. He showed it off to everyone and was so proud of it.

Bobby had to get a turkey leg, but really they are so good!

Jax didn't want to ride the elephant, which really made Kristin and Bobby sad, but we think it was just too big for him. He did love the camel though. He rode it with Tina, a friend we met through Bobby's work, and her niece Chloe. It was great to have another child there, even though she's 5, and the more adults the better!