Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When in Prescott we were able to play a little in the snow. Jackson wasn't too sure how he felt about it, but we tried! He was mostly okay if someone was with him, or if he was held, but when left to sit in the snow alone, not too excited! He tried to eat the snow, but decided it was too cold. Maybe next time we can be there while it is snowing to see how he likes that. Although, that may not be till next winter, unless we are real lucky.

This is an outfit Grandma and Grandpa Halterman got Jackson for his birthday. Doesn't he look handsome? We love the shoes that match. He is getting so mobile. So close to walking all alone. Just a few more days we think.

While in Prescott, Jackson found a few new things. He found that he loves cars and loves to push them around. But only bigger cars, not like Hot Wheels. He Pushed them all over the house, and dragged them up the stair with him. Also, he loves apples. And he can eat them whole now. It was very messy and juicy, but he had so much fun eating it.
We went to Prescott this weekend and had so much fun! This picture is just random. Aunt Amber had this huge tote bag that she out Jackson in and then carried him around. You can see on Jackson's face how excited he is about it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here are Jackson's 1 year pictures. We saw the doctor this week and he is only 21 lbs. 14 oz., 40% and 30 inches, 50%. Although, we think he weighs more than that.He is thinning out a little. His checks aren't so chubby, but he still has his budda belly!  He still isn't walking a lot on his own, but is getting so close. Bobby was jealous of all the attention Jackson was getting, so we had to write his age on his chest and take pictures of him too!

Just a random picture of Bobby with Jackson. They are so manly with their muscles. Jackson almost has the move right!
The below pictures are from Jackson's 1st birthday party. He turned 1 last Saturday, the 24th of January. He had a dinosaur party with the family at a lake. It was a lot of fun. We ate, fed the ducks, and just chatted. Jackson was a little leary of his cake, but he ate some of it. We were hoping he would dive in and get it everywhere, but we guess he's too refined for that! Mikelle made the cake. It took a long time, but she had fun and it was worth it when it was done. Jackson loved the balloons and his presents, although he's still trying to figure out how to open them. 

Here is Jackosn eating a sucker. This boy loves sweets, just like his parents! But put him in his high chair with a sucker and you get one messy, but happy boy. The little dum-dums are the perfect size for him. He is getting a lot of teeth though, so he might start biting them and cutting his enjoyment time down. He has 10 teeth currently, and is cutting at least 2 more. We're hoping he gets all his teeth like his mommy!
Here is Jackson with one of his favorite Christmas toys. His Grandma Schummer sent this to him, and he loves it. The lion makes music that he loves to dance to, and it helps him walk, so what can be better? He tries to use it in the apartment, but mostly just gets stuck when he runs into furniture. The grass outside is great for him though. We love the second picture. He is smiling so hard the veins in his neck are sticking out. He also looks a lot like his Great-Grandpa Halterman. Too cute.