Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here is our princess at 18 months. She was not happy she was still awake, but this picture captures so much of who she is. She loves Minnie and Micky Mouse, and tries to wear this dress out of the dirty clothes! She is starting to talk like crazy, and loves playing with her babies. She has a little attitude, all from her daddy! 

Practicing their crazy face! We'd say she looks just like Tia! At her 18 month check-up, she was 26 pounds, 9 ounces, 80% and 33 inches tall, 85%. She is slowly loosing some of her baby fat, which is sad, but good for Mikelle since Brooklyn always wants her to hold her.

She loves food, but not just in her mouth. She loves to rub it all over, especially on her face and in her hair! The other day, she took her bagel, rubbed her hand all over the cream cheese, then rubbed it all over her face. This picture is of her and her macaroni and cheese. She could realistically have a bath after every meal. Jackson was just the opposite. It is funny to see how totally different they are, except for the cheeks!!


Here is our handsome boy at wacky hair day. To him, a mohawk  is wacky! At least all the color added to it! Everyone loved it. Luckily for him we went to the doctor after and shopping so lots of people could see it. He is really getting into video games, argh. He has to play with mom most of the time since dad is gone most of the time, and it is hilarious since Mikelle was never into video games. They are both learning together, and getting quite good at Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones!

Preschool graduation, from Happy Meadows Preschool. He will  go there next year too, but it was fun to have a little ceremony for the kids. 

His teacher, Miss Janna. He loves her, and her husband Mr. Dave. He is already missing them now school is out. Oh to be little again!

Our sweet boy. He is actually giving us a run for our money lately. Not liking 4 much, but hopefully he won't always be so defiant! He did give us a scare the other day when he slipped and fell on his elbow. We thought it was broken, but luckily not. That would have ruined summer in the Valley of the Sun!