Monday, September 29, 2008

Jackson is just teething away. He puts everything in his mouth. He has his bottom two teeth, and they are so cute, and sharp! Kristin has a great picture, so when we can get it from her, we will post it.

This picture is so funny. Jackson is trying so hard to roll onto his stomach. He is so close, he just doesn't get his arm in the correct position most of the time.

Here are Jackson's 8 month pictures. It is hard to tell how big he is getting, because getting him to sit still is almost impossible now! He is constantly on the move and always trying to explore something new. He still loves his feet and plays with them all the time. He isn't crawling yet, but we are hoping it won't be much longer. Mostly when we put him on his stomach, he rolls over, although he is finally starting to roll from his back to his stomach, but not too often. He still has his winning smile and makes the funniest faces.
Here is our handsome boy with his Grandma Halterman. He just loves her. She can always get him to smile. He is also sporting his Dr. Seuss outfit. We are starting him young. He loves to read Dr. Seuss books, which we inherited from his Great-Grandma Halterman. It has been decided Jackson will go far in life.

Here Jackson is playing with a stick and some roots. He is a typical boy, already! He loves the dirt, sticks, and just being outside in general. Thankfully we have spent a lot of time in Prescott, because it is still too hot to spend much time outside in Phoenix. We do go on occasional walks but usually once the sun goes down.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here Jackson stole Grandpa Halterman's hat and put it on, or maybe he had a little help! But he looks so cute. This picture is great with the two of them looking at each other. Jackson and his Grandpa have become buds while Mikelle and Jackson were in Prescott. The second picture is just funny. Jackson was "G-riding" in his stroller (according to Bobby). Plus, he just loves to put his blanket over his face while falling asleep. It makes us a little nervous, but once he falls asleep, we just take it off his face and he's good to go. That little boy loves to sleep while on the go.

Here are some of Jackson's 7 month photos. He is just getting so big. He is rolling over, but not crawling yet. He loves to stand, but can only do it with help. He is finally cutting a tooth. He has been teething for a few months, but on Labor Day the first one finally poked through. We can't wait for it to be more noticeable. He has also started to reach out more, which is great until he yanks your hair or scratches your face! No really, it is so sweet when he reaches up to touch your face. He has started to try and talk more, but no coherent words yet. He is also recognizing people and voices, but is starting to become real clingy and hates it when he's left alone. It doesn't even matter who it is just as long as he has an audience!

Just some fun pictures we took. Jackson is getting more and more mobile, but also needs to be entertained while awake. He gets bored with one thing after just a few minutes, if that! Which is making it all the more challenging for Mikelle to be back in Phoenix and trying to handle Jackson alone all day. Once it gets a little cooler outside, the walks will increase and Jackson will love that. He gets to excited to see Bobby when he comes home, and loves to go swimming once the pool has a little shade over it.