Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby News

I do have pictures to post, but those will come later. I like to keep you in suspense! Christmas in Prescott was great, even Jackson got some presents. We had an Ultra-sound today. Everything looks good, but Jackson is HUGE! He is 5 lbs. 3 oz. and I guess normal is around 4 lbs. He is in the 93% for weight, but 98% for head and tummy. The nurse said if I go to my due date, Jackson will be over 11 lbs.! No thank you! We hear from the Doctor tomorrow so we'll see what the plan will be, but the nurse today thought I'd give birth in the next few weeks. I don't mind missing a few weeks of being pregnant, as long as he is healthy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


For Halloween, Bobby decided he would grow out his beard. He liked it, so kept on growing it out. When we went to San Antonio the first of November, his family hated it and told him he needed to get rid of it. We both kind of liked it though. He decided to shave it before Thanksgiving, but not before we had documented it.


Here are a few pictures of Mikelle's pregnancy to date. The one in the red shirt is about 4 months, but she still doesn't look pregnant, yet! The Red Sox shirt is one of her favorites, so of course there had to be a picture of it. She is about 6 months pregnant here, and starting to show a little. The last is of her in her Christmas pajamas. She is starting to show quite a bit now, although everyone tells her she is so small for being 31 weeks, or almost 8 months! One more week and 8 months it is!! February can't come soon enough though. Jackson ( the baby) is getting all up in her ribs and making life a little uncomfortable. All is going well though, so we can't ask for anything more.

More San Diego

Here we are at the San Diego Temple. One of the most beautiful temples. But it was really hot inside. Mikelle almost passed out, but that could also be a part of the pregnancy. We spent the morning there, then went to the beach after. The water was sooo cold, but Bobby braved it and got in anyways. Here is a great action shot of him boogey boarding and another of how HOTT he looked after. While he played in the water, Aunt Sandy and Mikelle read their books and soaked up some rays. It wasn't too hot, so it made for a nice relaxing time. After, Aunt Sandy took us to get Mexican food, and it was soo good. It was a fun weekend where we were just able to relax and spent time together. Also, it was Mikelle's first time to meet Aunt Sandy, which was cool.

San Diego

Here are some pictures we took while on our trip to San Diego to visit Bobby's Aunt Sandy. These pictures are from the San Diego Zoo. We spent most of the day there walking and seeing all sorts of creatures. The first one is of Bobby Flamingo Dancing. (It is actually pronounced Flamenco Dancing, as most of you may know, but the funny thing was about a week before we went, it came out our sister, Kristin, had always thought it was Flamingo Dancing.) When we saw the flamingos, we knew what we had to do! She loved this picture and the reminder that we never forget. Next is a picture of the tortoises. They are being friendly, if you know what we mean. Bobby had to take a picture of it. It is a guy thing, because there were a few other boys taking pictures, even video tapes! It was a little funny. The last two are of us with a pretend gorilla. How can you go to the zoo and not "Monkey Around" a little bit?! We saved Bobby the embarrassment of posting the picture of him being bucked off the gorilla!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bobby's Birthday

So, this is not in order, but we are new to this blog thing and one day we will figure it out. For Bobby's birthday Amber and Kristin took us to this restaurant to try out the BBQ. We were expecting a redneck, place, but once inside it really was a posh place. And to food was great, especially the macaroni and cheese! The main reason we went, did you see the name?!! And check out what we found in the parking lot. Who goes out to eat with this in the back of the truck? Now you can see why we thought the place would be a little less than it turned out to be. No worries, Bobby didn't contract any diseases from touching it! Before lunch we went and saw "The Simpson's Movie." Hey it was Bobby's b-day. Who expected anything else? It was quite funny if we dare say!


Here are our Halloween pictures, finally! Bobby was Thor and Mikelle was a butterfly. For Halloween we just went to out Ward Halloween party and passes out candy. The Saturday before we went to Israel's surprise birthday party where we also got to wear our costumes. Bobby was really excited about that.