Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For the 4th of July, Bobby and Aunt Amber came up to Prescott to play. Bobby ran a 10K and
Mikelle, her sisters, and Jackson walked 2 miles. It was fun, but so hot. Bobby did really well and finished
in the first 5 of his
age group! Jackson slept most of the time. He is such a good and calm baby. Mikelle did good too. It was the farthest she's walked since everything with her back. She was tired and sore when it was over, but it was worth it. Later we went down to the town square and had shakes and Indian Fry Bread. A little tradition the Halterman family has. We also walked around and looked at craft booths, Bobby's favorite thing to do! Jackson slept for awhile during that as well!
We just have too much fun with Jax, especially Aunt Kristin. Here they are sporting their huge sunglasses. Jackson's remind us a little of Willy Wonka, don't you think? Kristin has to get all the time she can with Jax now since hopefully Mikelle will get to go home in August. She is doing physical therapy and her back is getting better. Mikelle can even carry him now!

Jackson loves his swing. With Mikelle and him being in Prescott a lot, Jackson has had 3 swings to try. One of them doesn't lie back so far, and he's hit his head a few times, but that doesn't stop him from loving it! He is starting to get too big for it though. It doesn't quite push him as well anymore, so we'll help out to keep him happpy!!
These are a little late, but that is our style! We went to Lake Powell for Mikelle's dad's 60's birthday! We had a great time. Jackson enjoyed the cold water, but only when we put him in slowly. Just jump didn't work for him!! He also hated his life jacket, luckily we didn't make him wear it too much.