Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brooklyn's Here!!

So I'm sure most of you know Brooklyn has arrived, but here it is in writing! She was born on November 2 at 4:32 PM. Mikelle went in that morning to her doctor's appointment, and she was basically in early labor, so the doctor scheduled her c-section for that afternoon. Brooklyn was 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 inches long, at 17 days early! We know how to grow big kids!
Everything went well with the surgery, but when Brooklyn was born, there was some fluid in her lungs, so they whisked her away to the NICU to put her on oxygen. They also discovered that her blood sugar was low so had to start an IV. She spent two days there, then was able to come to Mikelle's room for the last day in the hospital.

Mikelle's mom has been staying with us, and she has been a life saver. Bobby's dad also got to come for a few days once we got Brooklyn home, and Mikelle's dad got to come for a quick visit. Her cousins could hardly wait to come see her, and just love her so much. They come over and go straight to see her. Forget the rest of us! Brooklyn has just loved seeing everyone.

She is overall a good baby. Eating well and sleeping well. Jackson is still a little leary of her, but is also very concerned for her. He always wonders where she is or why she's crying. And is is very upset about the "bug" on her belly button! Once the cord falls off, maybe he won't be scared to touch her tummy! And he calls her, "My Brookyn". It's so cute. And she's already got Bobby wrapped around her finger, and he's teaching her all about video games! She is such a great addition to our family and we are so thankful she got here safely.

Monday, November 1, 2010

We can't believe Halloween is already over, and November has started. Our Halloween this year was a little weak, but we had fun all the same. Friday night we decoratedd pumpkins. Bobby carved one, with the help of the munchkin! And Jackson and Mikelle decorated theirs with stickers. Jackson felt it was only appropriate to put pumpkin stickers on the pumpkin! We tried to get Jackson to help us clean out the pumpkin, but he hated the feel, and just kept making disgusted faces!

This year Bobby was Captain America, and Jackson just kept telling everyone who he was. It was too cute. Jackson was Thor, but couldn't tell you that if you asked. He loved carrying the big hammer around, but only for a minute till it got too heavy! And of course, he only wore the hat for so long, then it was hard to tell who he was, but he was dang cute all the same! Mikelle went as a witch, with pictures to come later! It was a last minute costume, since we weren't sure she'd make it to the party, but still no baby. We'll see what the doctor says tomorrow, November 2nd. He thought she'd be here by now, but we are trying to wait patiently!!

We went to our Ward Trunk-or-Treat Saturday night, and Aunt Kristin joined us as a black widow. It was fun, but we felt it went a little too long. Jackson had fun playing some of the games, but by the time it was time to trunk-or-treat, he was ready to go, so we only hit a few cars, and he was more excited about eating the candy then getting more! Bobby then went to a work party, but Mikelle, Jackson and Aunt Kristin went home.