Monday, February 25, 2013

Jackson Turns 5!

We also now officially have a 5 year old! We have him all signed up for school next year, and he is so excited!
For his birthday, Jackson wanted a monter party. He helped Mikelle find ideas, and then helped her make them. He loved these hats the second we saw them online, so we had to go out and find stuff to make them. It was so fun to see him get so excited about everything. He especially loved the googly eyes!
And who can't love this picture? I think only for his grandkids!

We let everyone make their own monster cupcake. They were all so creative and the kids loved it!

This project was about the hardest to do.We knew we wanted a monster head, but it took about 10 stores to find a nice big watermelon. Thank you Costco! January isn't the best month for watermelon, just in case you didn't know! Kristin made the face for us, and did a great job. Jackson loved it!

We just did bagel sandwiches, but everyone loved the scary faces! Luckily Mikelle was behind on a Halloween project and had lots of extra teeth around! Sometimes it pays to procastinate:)

We had a lot of other food, but the jello cups were another favorite! Jackson helped make these too. We got lucky and found the table cloth at Walmart, on sale! And napkins and cups to match. Jackson decided to get cups with circles on them though, and make them into eyes! We glued lots of googly eyes to the cups, but also drew some eyes on. Overall, it was a great little family party. The best part was having Jackson so invloved and excited about everything we did.

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