Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When we came back to Phoenix we stopped at the outlet mall in Anthem. Jackson found the splash park without any problems. At first, he was a little wary of it, but Grandma showed him how it was done, and by the end he was one wet little boy. And so was Grandma! He liked trying to catch the water, but was really confused when it disappeared. The person who invented these little parks, genius.
While in Prescott Jackson got to try his first ice cream cone. Aunt Kristin had to show him how it was done, but then he was all over it. She showed him how to turn it, and of course how to share! He started standing, then turned around and got into her lap. He would take a few licks, then let her have a lick, but only if she was fast! He got it all over himself, but it was so cute. We had quite an audience at the mall.

Bobby has been crazy busy at work, so Mikelle and Jackson have been spending more time in Prescott to beat the heat. They had tone of fun. Jackson loves to be at Grandma and Grandpa Halterman's house. He gets to play with all sorts of toys. He loves anything with wheels on it. He will push his stoller all over the place, but hates to ride in it. So when he found Mikelle's old dolly stroller, he had the time of his life. It was just his size. And Grandpa Halterman got out the ATV and took Jackson for a ride. He even got to ride in the trailer. He loves to make the Vroom sound of a car, but sometimes he really just growls. It is too cute. And of course, Jackson loved the sandpile. Thankfully Grandpa would take him out to play at night when he got home. There is nothing more Jackson loves then to be outside, which gets old, but thankfully the weather in Prescott was great to be outside.

The first week of June we were in Prescott to celebrate Mikelle's dad's birthday and Father's Day since her parents will be in Missour.i It was a lot of fun. Barry and his family and Amber joined us. It was a little windy, so we went to the school to fly kites and play with the oversized tennis ball. Jackson and Tessa had so much fun with the ball. It was a littte too windy to fly kites, but Mikelle's mom got hers out about a mile. It took Barry a good 10 minutes to reel it back it, fighting it all the way.