Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Big Brother

Grandma Halterman got the kids these shirts.

Jackson was over the moon about it! He always wants to wear them at the same time.

Jackson has started wanting to help Brooklyn on the computer! It is so cute, but sometimes he does what he wants to do and that makes her sad, but mostly he asks her what she wants to do, then he does it. We love Starfall at our house. Paying for More Starfall is worth it too! We use it almost everyday!

What we do...

This is Brooklyn's prefered method of eating. Rub it all over her arms...

then lick it off!

As the weather slowly cools down here, the kids have decided it's time to get on the trampolione again. It was still at least 100 outside. They were so hot and sweaty, not to mention black. This is the first time our trampoline has started turning everything black. Why is that? Needless to say, they needed another bath.
Why it takes our children so long to eat meals.
But honestly, how can you not love these faces?!

Jackson loves to "bird watch" with his binoculars from school!

This is a little behind, but here is Jackson's first day of preschool! He is doing his second year again with Miss Janna at Happy Meadows Preschool, and he is loving it. He had a little bit of a rough start with the changes she made since last year, but is doing better now and tells me he doesn't want to go to kindergarten, he wants to stay with Mrs. Janna! We all love Miss Janna. She is so great with him.

And of course, Brooklyn couldn't be left out, but thankfully she's not in school yet!