Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our little Brooklyn is 6 months now, and really not so little! She is 19 lbs. 12 oz., 97% and 28 3/4 inches long, 100%. She is eating solids, but not too sure she likes them yet. She is such a good baby. Happy most the time and content to sit and play with her brother. He loves to play with her, but only if she doesn't take his toys!!

She sits up fairly well for her age, only falling occasionally. No teeth yet, but any day  they will start popping up.

A quick hike in Prescott on Peavine Trail. Bobby didn't carry both kids the whole way, but  far enough!
Jackson is all boy, and his new obsession is tools.  He loves to wear these goggles  and loves to have mom and dad wear them too. One day we will get a picture of Bobby wearing them!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2001

This year was the first year Jackson really got into Easter, and it was great. He loved the egg hunts. We did at least five on Saturday and three Sunday. We did it inside and out, with real and fake eggs, and he would have kept going if we had let him! He is just so fun to be with, and has so much energy.

He also really enjoyed dying eggs, as did Kristin and Papa!! Jackson wanted every egg green, his favorite color.  He would put it in the purple, then take it out and want to put it in the green, so we had a lot of green eggs but he had fun, and there was no dye spilt!!

And of course we all had to look cute for Easter pictures. We had matching colors, but Bobby was thankful he and Jackson were in green, and not pink!

On a side note, Mikelle spent last week at home, mostly alone!  Our Ward was great and they helped by bringing in meals and taking Jackson almost daily. It went well, so she is back in Prescott this week, then after Mother's Day she will be back in Phoenix full time. She still has a lot of pain, but is able to manage if she takes things slow and easy. Hopefully in time they can figure out what to do about the pain. Until then we will just keep trying new things!!