Saturday, November 3, 2012

T Ball

Jackson has been playing tball these past few months. It has been interesting, but over all he has enjoyed it. He is getting better and excited for when he can hit without the tee. (You may notice his eye is a little black, that is not from tball! We finally had to take him in to get his chalazion surgically removed. The doctor said it was HUGE. We could only see the tip of if and Jacskon seems to be doing much better).

Look how handsome he is!
We love this picture, all action...
Then this is really how we spends most of his time in the field! He is getting better at standing, but that may be because it is finally cooling down too. We had two Saturdays on a row, where he had double headers and it was still in the high 90's! You can see why he was sooo tired! He is also getting more time in the infield, so that helps!

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