Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween Fun

We love Halloween around here, and since we can only wear halloween clothes for a month, we wear the same clothes a lot! Brooklyn loves her meow-meow shirt.

And Jackson of course loves his skull shirts.

Mikelle made this tutu for Brooklyn. It was her first attempt, so she learned a lot, but it turned out really cute, and Brooklyn chose it anytime we gave her the option.

Mikelle's mom made this dress for Brooklyn. It is so cute, but of course everytime we tried to get a cute picture, we got to see Brooklyn's backside! The front looks the same as the back, so you get the idea.
We took the kids to Dewitt Stables for a little Fall fun. The kids loved it. We started with horse rides, although we had to coax Brooklyn a little. Once she saw Jackson doing it, then of course she had to do it!

We had fun with games, train rides, a hay maze (which Jackson rocked), fun with pictures, a hay ride, a petting zoo and

lassoing! Both kids tried, but it was quite hard to lasso anything. Brooklyn got pretty good at catching herself though!

The kids each picked a little pumpkin out, and that may have been the best part for Jackson. Had to choose almost everyone until he found just the right one!

Later Bobby helped Jackson carve our big pumpkin. Jackson drew the face and Bobby cut it. He still hates the insides, but each year he's getting a little more involved in carning it! He did want to roast the pumpkin seeds to eat, so that was our fitst time ever making those. They turned out great!

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